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Hulu Vs. Netflix: Which Service Is The Best To Stream In Canada In 2022?

Hulu Not Working On DirecTV

Online Streaming Service is now ruling the entertainment world. As a result, we have some better options for online streaming. In this race, Netflix and Hulu are up to the mark. These streaming services are not only popular but also very convenient.

Still, their service and the content library are not the same. Netflix comes with an extensive content library of movies, and thousands of TV shows.

On the other hand, Hulu is popular for TV shows in different regions and especially all the current seasons. In terms of availability, these two services are not available in many countries like Canada. Only a VPN can let you watch Hulu in Canada.

Let’s find out more secrets about these popular streaming services.

What Is Hulu?

For more than a decade, there have been different on-demand streaming services available and Hulu is one of these. It’s popular as the largest streaming platform in the US.

Today, they have more than 40 million subscribers. Because of the offered service, Hulu is now becoming the best cable-cutting alternative. In its library, you’ll find 2500 movies and 40000 shows including seasons.

What are the Pros and Cons of Hulu?

Hulu makes the on-demand streaming service more competitive in the US. They are increasing the services as well as the content to make the audience more comfortable than traditional cable services. We figured out some pros and cons of Hulu. Have a quick look at them below.


  • Bundles are cheaper than Netflix.
  • A live TV option is available for subscribers.
  • Hulu works on the Nintendo switch.


  • The cheapest plan is not ad-free
  • Only available in the USA
  • Cannot stream simultaneously for many people.

What Is Netflix?

As the best ad-free streaming platform, Netflix sets a milestone. With monthly and annual subscriptions along with tons of content, Netflix is rising in the sky. Netflix lets the user simultaneously use many devices at a time.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Netflix?

It’s hard to judge the Netflix service because it is almost perfect in every way. Still, there is some space to improve. We pointed out some pros and cons of Netflix and all of these are given below.


  • Let you stream simultaneously more than 4 devices.
  • Plans don’t come with any ads.
  • Access from 190 countries.


  • Not comes at a cheaper price than Hulu
  • 4k is available only for a higher subscription fee
  • Live TV is not available

What are the Key Differences Between Hulu and Netflix?

To get a clear picture of Netflix and Hulu’s service, we needed to go through deep research. Now, there are lots of facts available to check.

We can share with you to find the actual differences between these two giant streaming services. Find all the details in the table below.

How to Watch Hulu in Canada?

If you are in Canada and looking for a way to stream Hulu from Canada, we have a solution to watch it.

We are talking about VPN. A VPN can easily break geo and licensing restrictions. In 2022, you need a reliable VPN subscription to watch Hulu in Canada. Even it lets you explore different content libraries.

Getting a VPN subscription is not the end of the story. You need to get Hulu’s subscription in Canada as well. That’s how it is possible to stream Hulu outside the US, especially in Canada.

On top of that, a VPN can also let you enjoy the content library of other streaming services like Netflix. It will unblock the restriction of different content libraries like US, Korean, etc. to let you watch exclusive Netflix shows and movies. So, find a reliable VPN subscription and you can get American Netflix in Canada.


It is still hard to compare Hulu and Netflix. Both are treated as the giant streaming service in the industry. Netflix makes us confident as a subscriber in many ways.

On the other hand, Hulu is best as an on-demand streaming service. But when it’s time to choose the one, then you cannot go wrong. Now, you have a clear idea of which one is best for which services.

Try to fit its service with your requirement. I hope one will make you happy all the time, even outside the USA. So, start streaming in Canada whenever you want.

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