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iCloud services down: Apple users unable to sign in

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Apple’s iCloud services are down and not working, users report on social media.

DownDetector, a popular website to track outages, shows problem with Apple’s services Tuesday.

Apple’s System Status page has been updated to reflect the ongoing iCloud outages. According to System Status, iCloud Backup, iCloud Mail and Photos services have been affected.

icloud service down

Several users even reported that they are unable to log in to their iCloud accounts.

”I got kicked out of my iCloud accounts. Thought someone was trying to access my accounts so I changed passwords,” a Reddit user said.

“There is some type of iCloud outage confirmed by other Redditors. Some users are unable to log in or have no iCloud access. Currently ongoing and world wide.”

Apple users also took to Twitter to report about the problems they are facing with the iCloud service.

NetBlocks also confirmed the outage on Twitter.


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