iCloud users report missing photos, data not syncing

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Multiple users have reported that they are having issues with data not syncing and missing photos with the iCloud service.

Users can sync a variety of files to the cloud with Apple’s iCloud, including contacts, images, emails, notes, and a lot more.

It enables group document collaboration much like any other cloud service provider. Additionally, one may keep track of and backup their Apple devices.

Reports of iCloud users report missing photos, data not syncing

Those affected have claimed that their photos mysteriously disappeared or failed to sync at all when trying to back up their images through iCloud.

Some people appear to have lost their favorite images and videos, and as a result, they are unhappy or disappointed.

On the Apple forum, a member complained that they can now see only 8,000 photos, despite having previously had access to roughly 37,000. While another forum user lamented that their entire photo album had been deleted.

A user reported: “My and my wife’s iCloud photos pre-2014 just disappeared a few years ago. I tried not to think about it but I’m deeply sad to have lost so many memories. Has anyone else experienced this with Apple and do you know if they can help?”

“@AppleSupport Why have so many photos & videos disappeared from Photos and why is iCloud suddenly showing as “restoring”? 😳 Seems to have happened after upgrading Beta iOS yesterday,” another user posted.

It appears to be a widespread problem across several platforms on Apple devices. Some people have experienced issues as a result of losing access to their critical data.

Additionally, the glitch might have slowed down or presented a challenge at work, which might have reduced productivity.

One may question the purpose of getting cloud sync functionality on their devices when there is such a problem with the ‘Sync’ feature.

No official response or workaround

Unfortunately, Apple hasn’t formally acknowledged the problem yet. Therefore, it appears that iCloud customers will need to wait a little longer. There also doesn’t seem to be any workaround to retrieve the data.

Apple needs to quickly address the sync issue so that users can recover their important data.

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