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Indian army is fully-prepared and ready for war with China at Eastern Ladakh

India vs China war eastern ladakh

Reports from the line of control indicate that the Indian army has fully prepared itself for a war against China. Indian Army has maintained that if China creates conditions for war, they would face fully trained and psychologically hardened Indian troops on eastern Ladakh.

Indian army’s preparation for war with China at Ladakh

Indian Army has further asserted that it is fully prepared to fight a full-fledged war at the moment, they have stated that they were ready even in winters. Indian army has stationed its troops and tanks at eastern Ladakh, According to reports, the Indian Army has also stocked up on necessary supplies in case a war breaks out.

On Wednesday, the Indian army emphasized on China’s role in creating conditions for warm said if China created conditions for war. In a statement, the Indian army reiterated that compared to physically and psychologically battle-hardened Indian troops, Chinese troops mostly are from urban areas and not used to hardships or prolonged deployment under field conditions. The Indian Army has drawn comparisons between its preparedness and capacity to weather the extreme conditions in the icy Himalayan heights and declared that it is “well prepared for the prolonged standoff in eastern Ladakh” where PLA troops have created an explosive situation.

Tensions continue to grow at eastern Ladakh

China’s official media, Global Times earlier reported that India’s operational logistics is not geared up adequately and it will not be able to fight through winters effectively. In response, The Indian Army Northern Command headquarters made the below-mentioned assertions.

A spokesman of the Indian army’s Northern Command said: “Altitudes in Ladakh range from High to Super High Altitude and there is a lot of snowfall, after the month of November up to 40 feet of snow is experienced. Coupled with this, temperature dipping down to minus 30-40 degrees is a usual phenomenon. The wind chill factor makes matters further worse for the troops. The roads also get closed due to the snow. But despite all this, the most encouraging part for India is that the Indian soldiers have a huge experience of winter warfare and are psychologically tuned to operate at short notice. While this fact is known to the world, the operational logistics capabilities are hardly known.”

“In addition, we have a large number of airbases with the help of which we can maintain the army well. Modern snow clearing equipment has also been placed on these routes to keep them open beyond November, thus giving us more time for daily maintenance of the troops,” the spokesperson elaborated.

The spokesperson further stated that China has always had a concept of winning wars without any hard fighting. Therefore, Indian troops tend to create conditions that give rise to a war. These worries have been percolating the minds of Chinese troops and are visible in Chinese media.

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