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iPhone 14 users face iMessage and FaceTime issues

iPhone 14 iMessage FaceTime issues 
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Apple has provided a solution for those experiencing issues with iMessage or FaceTime after setting up their new iPhone 14.

Fix for iPhone 14 users frustrated with iMessage and FaceTime issues

The support document details potential fixes for users facing difficulty to set up their iPhone 14 devices. The plethora of activation issues in iOS 16 has made iMessage and Facetime useless. There are multiple reports of the services not working for many users.

Owners of the iPhone 14 reported that they were unable to receive messages or FaceTime calls. They saw the green bubbles instead of the usual blue bubbles when messaging another iPhone user. However, recipients were able to see the messages from the other end.

The new device set up bugs for iOS 16 related to device activation showed up in a number of apps, but especially in iMessage and FaceTime. It is the worst time for iOS 16 to present glitches and bugs. The iPhone 14 is one of the most in-demand smartphones of 2022. Users are raving over the exciting features of the iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max models along with pre-installed iOS 16.

Settings for iPhone 14 users to reset the software activation process

Fortunately, Apple has acknowledged the problems upon the rollout of iOS 16 update. According to Apple, iMessage and FaceTime related issues should be resolved shortly after updating to the latest iOS version.

The new device setup of your iPhone 14 will take you to the upgrade prompt before it even shows you the home screen. So you can update to the latest iOS version from there. But if that doesn’t show up, you can manually update it. Go to Settings -> General -> Software Update and select update to the latest available iOS version.

If the iMessage and FaceTime issues persist after updating your iOS, then users need to check their iMessage settings. Apple says to ensure by going to Settings -> Cellular and checking if your phone line is activated. Open Settings -> Messages -> Send & Receive. Tap the phone line number you want to use with iMessage. Open Settings -> FaceTime and tap the phone number you want to use with FaceTime.

Hopefully, the above listed steps would solve your issues. They would also reset the activation process for iMessage and Facetime. iPhone users can turn on the automatic updates option to install the latest version of iOS as soon as it comes out.

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