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Is a scam or a legit website? scam or legit 
Source: Pixabay website came out of nowhere and left many people wondering whether it is a scam or legit. It rapidly became popular due to its deals that seem suspicious.

The online store sells ‘The Puffer Case’, a phone case resembling a puffer jacket. They use artist Dua Lipa’s picture sporting the case in their marketing material as an attempt to add credibility to their offers.

Many have questioned its reliability, especially the 100% discount for first-time customers.

Website Analysis: a scam or legit?

Many people are skeptical about the free Puffer Case offer that seems too good to be true. Others have started calling it a fake website and a scam on many platforms like Twitter and Youtube.

Another reason for the website being a scam is that it asks buyers to pay for the shipping in advance. They have also kept their shipping fee low which has apparently fooled many people.

“Yeah it’s like 7.99 for me but I don’t mind paying that for a $40 phone case,” posted one person.

Youtuber Jordan Liles gave a review for on his channel and called the website a scam that uses TikTok as its main medium for marketing.

He also highlighted the discrepancies in the product name on the website. The header text calls the product ‘The Puffer Case’, while the images of the product call it ‘The Puff Case’.

Moreover, there is social media presence of the brand like Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram. Nowadays, it is rare for brands to have no social media channels, particularly if they are using these platforms for their marketing.

Some have pointed out that Itwasu’s product and branding are similar to the brand called ‘The Puffer Case’.

The final verdict

The website is likely a scam and has a low trust rating. To summarize, the website features free products but asks you to pay for the shipping in advance.

The inconsistent name of the products and the many similarities to the original ‘The Puffer Case’ brand are all more reasons to not trust this website.

We suggest customers always do their research before buying anything over the internet to avoid getting scammed or hacked.


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