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Lightning struck Columbia Gulf gas pipeline causing a massive explosion

Lightning strike causes tremendous fireball at Columbia Gulf gas pipeline
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The shutdown of a compressor station belonging to Columbia Gulf gas pipeline in Mississippi was caused by a lightning strike, according to officials. It led to a significant surge in natural gas futures on Friday morning, News Channel 3 reported.

No reported injuries as lightning strike causes tremendous fireball at Columbia Gulf gas pipeline in Mississippi

According to Ricky Gibens, the Emergency Services Coordinator for Corinth and Alcorn County, a product at the Corinth Compressor Station on Kendrick Road caught fire at approximately 12:50 a.m. during a storm, apparently due to a lightning strike.

Local fire crews put out the fire with the help of pipeline operator TC Energy and shut off the valves early mid-morning, as per reports. Although some residents voluntarily evacuated, there were no reported injuries and no mandatory evacuation was required.

“To maintain the safety and reliability of the system, we have isolated the Corinth Compressor Station. And have notified customers of a force majeure event,” the company stated in a release.

The company is currently making modifications to ensure the safe resumption of flow for a portion of the volume through the affected part of the system.

“CGT is in the process of making operational adjustments to allow a portion of volume to resume safely flowing through the impacted segment of the system. While we continue to assess the impacts, we expect them to be minimal and short in duration. We will continue to provide updates directly to impacted customers and stakeholders.”

Emergency teams respond to fire at gas pipeline company

Local reports suggest that the region experienced intense storms during the nighttime hours, Fox3Now reported. At this moment, there are multiple emergency teams and various organizations gathered at the Columbia Gulf Transmission gas pipeline company.

According to Gibens, a previous incident of a similar nature occurred approximately two decades ago. He also mentioned that TC Energy conducts regular training sessions with local fire departments to prepare for such events.

TC Energy reports that the Columbia Gulf Pipeline spans 3,367 miles. And provides gas to customers in Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi by linking with Gulf Coast pipelines.

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