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Majority of Americans think Joe Biden was involved in Hunter’s business dealings: poll

US Republicans target Biden's son and top cabinet official
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A recent CNN poll reveals that many Americans think that Joe Biden was involved in his son Hunter Biden’s foreign business dealings during his tenure as vice president. Many respondents also expressed concerns about his behavior during the investigation into his son’s controversial business transactions.

Poll reveals that 61% of Americans think Joe Biden, as VP, was involved in Hunter Biden’s business dealings

According to the poll, a majority of US adults, approximately 61%, think that President Biden had some level of involvement in Hunter Biden’s business ventures while he served as vice president under the Obama administration. In contrast, only 38% of respondents believed there was no such involvement.

The recent survey was conducted by SSRS from August 25 to 31, which gathered responses from 1,503 American adults, including 898 Republicans and Republican-leaning independents.

When asked about Biden’s actions concerning his son’s business dealings, 42% of respondents believed he acted illegally, while 18% thought he acted unethically but not illegally. Only about 1% believed that Biden was involved but did nothing wrong.

Furthermore, 55%, felt that Biden behaved inappropriately during the five-year investigation conducted by the Justice Department into his son’s alleged tax and gun-related offenses. In contrast, 44% believed that Biden’s actions were appropriate during this investigation.

Among independent voters, 52% believe that the president acted inappropriately during the federal investigation. Additionally, 64% of independents believe he had some level of involvement in his son’s business dealings. However, only 39% of independents think he acted illegally in this regard.

On the other hand, when it comes to Democrats, fewer than one-third believe that Biden was connected to his son’s business affairs. Even among Democrat-aligned voters who may support a different candidate next year, only 37% believe Biden had any involvement. Just 29% of Democrats think his actions were inappropriate.

Hunter Biden faces gun charges amid unraveled plea deal amidst tax controversy

The office of Delaware US Attorney David Weiss announced its intention to seek a grand jury indictment against Hunter Biden on gun charges. This development comes after a plea agreement between defense attorneys and prosecutors fell apart in court, The Post reported.

The failed plea deal occurred following testimony from IRS whistleblowers who claimed that the Justice Department had interfered with their inquiry into Hunter Biden’s alleged tax offenses. They alleged that the department prevented them from obtaining search warrants and conducting interviews related to the president’s son.

It was revealed that Hunter Biden had managed to evade paying taxes on a substantial sum of money, approximately $2.2 million, earned from over $8.3 million in foreign income between 2014 and 2019.

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