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Man who video recorded Irish police in Athlone church raided by Gardai

Irish police gardai raid pat sweeney church video

Man named, Pat Sweeney, who video recorded the Irish police (Gardai) storming a church in Athlone, Ireland last week has had a police raid at his home at 3.30am on May 2nd.

A Twitter user, Philip Dwyer, who have posted the series of the events that has happened with the man who recorded the church video said:

Just been contacted by Pat Sweeney, the man who videoed the Gardai in a church in Athlone last week that went viral. The Gardai have taken his two children from him last night at 3.30am. If you are near Longford please head to the Garda station to support him. Please share this.

It all started with an incident when Irish Police aka Gardai entered a Catholic Church during a Mass in Athlone, Ireland that went viral after video of the event was posted on social media last week.

Here are the videos of the events that happened recently:


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