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Mother’s Day gift ideas for you during this lockdown

Mother Day Gifts Ideas
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With the 2020 Mother’s day celebration fast approaching, I’m sure you’ll be thinking of going home to celebrate with your loved ones. However, with the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people are already under lockdown, making traveling out of the options. So, are you wondering where you can get quality Mother’s day gifts ideas to help you celebrate during this lockdown period?

In this article, we’ll be giving you a few ideas about how you can share gifts on the next Mother’s day, despite lockdown.

Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas 2020

Since there’s an official restriction on movement around the world, having a family pub lunch or visiting your loved ones might be impossible. However, there are other ideas you can utilize to celebrate mother’s day, and share gifts without having to worry about the lockdown.

  • Let her watch movies

Without a doubt, this lockdown period can be a lot more boring for people, especially mothers. Why not create fun by helping her subscribe to streaming services, including Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, or Now TV? That’ll help to brighten her day and keep her occupied.

To make it more fun, you can simultaneously watch the same video with her. However, ensure you put the movie on the loudspeaker and call her to gist about it.

  • Care Package

Sending a care package to your mom is one of the best mother’s day gift ideas that you can think of during this lockdown. To do that, all you need is to come up with a selection of her favorite products and send them to her via a reliable platform.

You can try using Amazon for luxury beauty and lifestyle box delivery, Apart from that, you can also make use of Walmart, and some other active online platforms.

  • Let her see a show

I’m sure you’ll be wondering how to get her to the theatre when most of them have shut down. Well, you don’t have to take her down there, since you can always bring the performance down to her at home.

By helping her subscribe to Digital Theatre Plus, she gets exclusive and unlimited access to the world’s finest theatre productions.

Some Other Gifting Ideas

  • Video conferencing tools

One of the best mother’s day gifts ideas that can help you during this lockdown is subscribing to reliable video conferencing apps. You can set up a family video call via Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, and many more. In case you don’t have enough budget to set up, you can research video conferencing tools that offer freemium packages here.

You can call her during the breakfast period or dinner and celebrate with her.

  • Talk to your dad

You can also make the mother’s day celebration worthwhile by talking to your dad about possible ideas to share gifts with her during the lockdown. Ask him if he can come up with any printable surprise gift on your behalf.

  • Create a playlist

Another way to celebrate mother’s day with your mom during this lockdown is by creating a playlist of her favorite songs, especially those that create strong memories of her. Tell her about it and let her know how much you miss her listening to the songs.

There are more than a million reasons why you should celebrate mother’s day with your parents. That means you shouldn’t allow coronavirus to stop you from appreciating her for being there for you. Mothers, including yours, are precious gifts, so ensure you create time to celebrate with her by following any of the above-listed ideas.

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