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Google Meet vs Zoom: Which one is the best for group video call?

Google Meet vs Zoom

With the current security issues being faced by Zoom, all other video conferencing apps, including Google Meet, must be looking for ways to attract more customers. No doubt, Google doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to updating its messaging services. However, with most people working from home due to Coronavirus, it has been seen working to improve its messaging software. Presently, Google Meet has added a Zoom-like gallery and some other relevant features to its services. So, can we say these new features are better to attract more customers to the messaging app? In this article, we’ll be making some comparisons between Google Meet vs Zoom.

Google Announced New Features To Its Meet App

According to what Google vice president Javier Soltero told Reuters, the company is pushing out a couple of new features to its Meet app. The first feature it will be introducing is Gmail integration for the meet. That’ll provide users with the ability to initiate calls and join meetings right from their Gmail. The other is the Zoom-like gallery layout, and it’ll get introduced later in the month. It’ll possess the capacity of displaying up to 16 participants on a single screen. It’s also seen to get better with low-light video support and the ability to mute out background noises.

Let’s make a quick Google Meet vs Zoom comparison and see what the two services are capable of offering.

Google Meet vs Zoom: Security and Privacy

That’s one of the essential factors that an organization or individual must put into consideration before opting for a video conferencing tool. In the case of Zoom, the company has been battling with security and privacy issues lately, with some hopes of fixing it up soon. On the other hand, Google makes use of end-to-end encryption, which makes it easy to protect your privacy from hackers.

Google Meet vs Zoom: Other Features

Google Meet is known to support up to 250 participants, which is exactly half of Zoom’s 500 participants. Although both of them utilize a share screen, they support different numbers. With Google Meet’s newly introduced features, it only supports up to 16 participants on a single screen. On the other hand, Zoom displays up to 49 people in a single call.

In the case of email integration, Google Meet supports Outlook and Gmail. However, that is not the case with Zoom as it only supports Outlook. Now, Meet users can go as far as starting calls and joining meetings right from their Gmail.

In the case of pricing, call-ins and other features can cost as low as $6 monthly for G Suite basic plans users and can occupy up to 25 participants. Also, its business plan is $12 monthly with up to 50 participants, and its enterprise plan costs $25 monthly, for up to 100 participants. However, for Zoom, it has a free basic plan which can host up to 100 participants. It’s Pro plan costs only $14.99 monthly and can also host up to 100 participants. Its business and enterprise plans have the same price of $19.99 and can host up to 300 and 500 people at a time.

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