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New Zealand health ministry warns of radioactive material in health items sold online

New Zealand radioactive material
Source: Pixabay

The Ministry of Health in New Zealand has advised consumers to exercise caution when purchasing alternative health products online.

A number of pendants, jewellery items, sleep masks, and bracelets were found to contain radioactive material, according to a ministry statement on Thursday.

The products are said to protect against radiation and microwaves emitted by phones, computers, and TV screens, as well as 5G.

“While those claims are unproven, the Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment has found that the products emit potentially harmful radiation,” it added.

The Ministry of Health strongly advised people to seek information from reliable, science-based sources, stating that if claims made about a product seem outlandish, consumers should be sceptical.

According to the World Health Organization, wireless technologies have not been linked to any negative health effects as of yet.

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