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Nigeria activates emergency response center to fight Lassa fever outbreak

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In response to the recent Lassa fever outbreak in some parts of the country, Nigerian health officials have activated the national multi-sectoral and multi-disciplinary Lassa fever emergency operations centre.

The Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) said in a statement on Wednesday that this was necessary due to an increase in the number of confirmed Lassa fever cases across the country and a joint risk assessment with partners and sister agencies.

Since the beginning of the year, 115 confirmed cases with 26 deaths had been reported from 30 local government areas in 11 states as of Sunday, according to Xinhua news agency, citing the NCDC.

The NCDC stated that it remains committed to assisting state public health teams in meeting the goal of reducing Lassa fever case fatality rates to a single digit, as well as preventing and responding to public health threats.

Lassa fever is said to be spread when rat saliva, urine, and excreta come into contact with humans. Lassa fever has symptoms that are similar to malaria in some cases.

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