Philadelphia Mail-In Ballots Counting Halted (Update: Resumed)

Philadelphia Mail-In Ballots Counting Halted

Update: The counting has been resumed. Maura Barrett just tweeted, “The PA Supreme Court has overruled the Commonwealth Court ruling favoring the Trump campaign on watching the mail-in ballot count in Philadelphia. The mail-in counting is resuming.A Pennsylvania judge has allowed the Trump campaign’s request to observe vote counting. The supporters will be observing Philadephia poll workers as they process mail-in ballots from six feet away.

The six feet restriction is to be strictly complied with to prevent COVID-19 from spreading. “No court has found wrongdoing in the ballot-counting process in Philadelphia,” said the judge.

Philadelphia Mail-In Ballots Counting Halted

According to reports, the vote count in Philadelphia has been halted. Earlier today, the Trump campaign secured a win in the legal battle in Pennsylvania after the Court stated that Trump poll “watchers” were allowed to observe ballot counting from six feet away. However, according to recent reports, the vote-counting procedure has been stopped after Democrats filed an appeal against the Supreme Court’s earlier decision.

Pennsylvania is among one of the last states where the final vote count still has not been established. In the past two days, Pennsylvania has shown strong support for Trump. However, after the mail-in ballots were processed and counted, Biden stood in the lead. Biden’s campaign has stated that he is likely to win in Pennsylvania.

The Mayor of Philadephia just said in a TV interview,  “Black people have been saving America from itself for a long period of time. It is only my hope that white America would understand and be more supportive of what black people are trying to do, which is to live.”

In other news, a massive “Count Every Vote” banner appeared on the streets of Philadelphia this morning. The banners and supporters appeared after the Trump campaign sued to “temporarily” halt ballot tallying.


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