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PUBG Mobile Season 16 start date, leaks and rumors

PUBG Mobile Season 16 start date, leaks and rumors

PUBG Mobile Season 15 went live on September 15. It brings tons of goodies and rewards to keep players glued to the screen for a couple of months. It will last until November 15th. Leaks and rumors about the next Season 16 of PUBG Mobile have already started surfacing online. Let’s check out the expected start date and leaked features of PUBG Mobile Season 16.

PUBG Mobile Season 16 start date

When the Season 15 nears the end of its life, we’ll see more official details about the Season 16 Royale Pass, rewards, and other features. Going by the trend developers have followed in the past, the Season 16 should arrive a day or two after the Season 15 ends. We can reasonably expect it to start on Nov.16 or Nov.17.

According to recent reports, the PUBG Mobile Season 16 will have two different variants of the Elite Pass. The Elite Upgrade Royale Pass would cost approximately 600 UC. The Elite Upgrade Plus will likely cost 1800 UC.

Rumored features

  • Payload 2.0: The developers will reportedly introduce Payload 2.0 with Season 16 to make it more exciting than ever before.
  • Aurora lights in Erangel 2.0: Erangel 2.0 has received an overwhelming response from players. According to reports, the Season 16 would have an improved Night Mode. You’ll not only be able to see the Aurora lights but also enjoy many other features.
  • Diamond currency: The developers are reportedly planning to launch a new diamond currency with PUBG Mobile Season 16. The new currency was spotted in the 0.18.0 beta version of the game. Players will not be able to purchase the new diamond currency with real money. You’ll get it when you complete different missions. You can use to buy outfits, upgrade weapon skins, and much more.
  • New weapon skins: The developers are rumored to be working on two new weapon skins for the Season 16. The guns getting the new skins are M416 and AKM, both of which are immensely popular. Both skins will be upgradable.

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