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How To Enable PUBG Mobile 90 fps On OnePlus

PUBG Mobile, released in 2018, is an online multiplayer battle royale game for iOS and Android devices. Currently, it is one of the most popular mobile games in most countries of the world. Talking about its popularity, it’s mostly because it’s free on mobile and easily accessible to a huge population. Apart from that, it’s also favored because Tencent always offers regular updates and provides more content to the game. As for the latest update from the developer, several PUBG Mobile players are already seeing the option for 90 fps in their graphics settings. However, it seems the frame rate option is only available on a few OnePlus devices, running the game. In case you’re wondering how to enable the 90 fps in PUBG Mobile for your OnePlus device, then this article is for you.

PUBG Mobile 90 FPS For Limited Time

Last week, PUBG Mobile developer was able to announce that the 90 fps is now available on some OnePlus phones. The announcement, which came from the official Twitter account of the mobile game, also mentioned that the game will only be available on the devices for a limited time.

Here’s what PUBG Mobile posted regarding the new frame rate option:

“Unlock the smoothest graphics on @OnePlus phones for a limited time! 90 FPS mode is available now on select OnePlus phones. Simply head over to your graphic settings and select the option under Frame Rate Settings!”

Although the new frame rate option is only available for OnePlus phones, a new tweet by the company says that all devices will be able to grab the feature starting next month. Here’s what PUBG Mobile tweeted regarding that below:

“Who’s tried PUBG MOBILE at 90FPS? Available now for OnePlus devices and available for all devices next month!”

Furthermore, according to a tweet by OnePlus India, it suggests that users will be able to enjoy the game at a higher frame rate.

Follow Steps To Enable 90 fps

With the new 90 fps option in PUBG Mobile, players will now be able to enjoy a smoother game, giving them an edge over their enemies.

As OnePlus smartphone user, in case you’re interested in knowing how to enable the 90 fps in PUBG Mobile graphics settings, here are a few straightforward steps for you to do that, below:

  • First, you need to go to the SETTINGS icon of your PUBG Mobile game.
  • Next, check for the GRAPHICS tap and click it.
  • Lastly, navigate to the frame rate settings and choose the option for 90 fps.

As mentioned earlier, the frame rate option is only available for a limited time on OnePlus devices.

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