Relocating to an Exotic Locale as a Senior – 4 Tips for a Stress-Free Move

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Retiring to a tropical paradise as a senior is a dream for many people, and it’s achievable if you plan everything right. Many things can go wrong, however, and living in a foreign country as a senior when you aren’t familiar with its customs, geography, and overall atmosphere can get difficult. There’s also the whole logistics aspect that you have to think about. Here are a few tips for people who want to retire to an exotic locale which will ensure the move will be as smooth as possible.

Plan a Reconnaissance Trip First

You shouldn’t move to a destination after seeing a few videos online or even after getting recommendations from friends. Two people can have completely different experiences in a country, so don’t assume that because someone you know had a great experience, you’ll have a great one as well.

Go into the region you are considering living in and try to engage in the type of activity you would normally engage in. Look at how easy it is to get from point A to point B. Check when things like convenience stores and drug stores open and close. And check how you’re being treated by service people and locals. This will give you a better idea of whether this is the place for you or not.

Start at Least Three Months in Advance

This might sound excessive, but the sooner you start packing, the easier the whole process will go. You should start by packing things that you won’t be using until your move. This will help free up space. You can then look for things that you won’t be bringing with you and either sell them, put them in storage, or give them away.

Look at International Moving Services

We assume that you still want to move some of your stuff with you. If that is the case, your best and probably only bet would be to work with a global moving service. These services will deliver your items either straight to your door or at an easy-to-reach drop-off location in the country of your choice. Make sure that they have a great reputation, however, and an iron-clad guarantee and coverage in case they damage or lose anything.

Consider Non-Emergency Medical Transport Services as Well

If you’re suffering from any condition that needs constant monitoring, then we suggest that you look for a non-emergency medical transport service as well. They will assign a nurse to you specifically to assist you during transit. This might be a good option for people who are afraid of flying as well, or people who are relocating alone and want to be safe during transit. Some of these services, like Flying Angels, for instance, have specific senior relocation services for people who are planning a move, so we suggest you check them out today.

Relocating to another country for retirement could be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made, but you have to be careful. Start with a solid plan and know exactly what to expect before you make your move.

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