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Active shooting situation in Garfield, Pittsburgh

Reports of 'active shooting situation' in Garfield, Pittsburgh
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Police are present at the location of what they’ve termed an “ongoing shooting incident” in Pittsburgh’s Garfield area.

As per statements from the public safety authorities, the situation is currently developing within the 4800 block of Broad Street and N. Mathilda Street.

Garfield shooting: Eviction turns violent as suspect opens fire on cops

Sources have informed KDKA that deputy sheriffs were on-site to deliver an eviction notice. However, when they approached the property, the resident started firing, leading to an exchange of gunfire.

“At this point, there is only one suspect,” sheriff’s office spokesperson Mike Manko said. The suspect also shot down two police drones that were being used to help and provide information to the teams on the ground as they circled around the house, Dailymail reported.

It is believed that more than 100 gunshots were fired at the scene.

“Hundreds of rounds still going off,” a reporter for the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Megan Guza, said on X, previously known as Twitter. She added, “A neighbor said he heard hundreds of rounds when the shooting started and there have been hundreds of rounds since. Said he immediately hit the ground in his living room.”

The Pittsburgh Police SWAT team has assumed control of the area and is now managing both the scene and the investigation.

People are being requested to steer clear of this vicinity due to the situation’s nature with ongoing gunfire.

A social media post by Pittsburgh Public Safety said, “This is an extremely active situation with shots continuing to be fired. Please avoid the area at this time.”

Although there’s no confirmation of any deputies being hit, some have sustained injuries due to shattered glass.

This incident is taking place in proximity to St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery and UPMC Children’s Hospital.

FBI helping local officials in shooting incident

The FBI has mentioned that they are helping the local officials, CNN reported. But deferred further comment to Pittsburgh police and the local sheriff’s office.

The person who caused the shooting incident was related to the home’s original owners, Dailymail reported. When they passed away, he chose not to move out. The property was later sold at a tax sale, and it now belongs to a different owner. However, the person who was squatting there still refused to leave.

The lawyer representing the new homeowners informed CBS that law enforcement had been alerted about the armed squatter. And they knew that the situation of removing him would be risky.

According to witnesses, the police initially knocked on the door to try talking to the person inside, but they had to use a sledgehammer to enter eventually. It was during this moment that the shooting started.


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