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Russia does not intend to engage in charity and export gas to Europe for free: Kremlin

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Russia does not intend to engage in charity and export gas to Europe for free, according to Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov, in response to statements by representatives of Western countries that they will not pay for deliveries in rubles.

Peskov also emphasised that Moscow was not the initiator of such a development of the situation, as it was the Western states that unleashed an economic war against Russia, Russian media reported.

He went on to say that Western countries had launched an economic war against Russia.

“Western European countries, the US, Canada, Australia are actually waging a war against us in trade and the economy,” Peskov was quoted by TASS in an interview with PBS.

Western countries, he claims, have seized Russian property, seized money, and stifled financial relations. He pointed out that Russia must adjust to the new reality.

Russia does not intend to provide free gas to Europe, according to Peskov, who spoke on the American television network PBS.

“No payment – no gas,” TASS quoted Peskov as saying.

He claims he has no idea what will happen if the EU refuses to pay for gas in rubles.

“However, we definitely do not intend to engage in charity in this regard – to send gas to Western Europe for free.”

He stated that Russia will consider options for action as soon as the final decision is made.


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