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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra Users Facing Camera HDR Issues

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Galaxy S22 Ultra is the latest flagship released by Samsung. This product came out in February 2022 and is already available in several regions across the world. Galaxy S22 Ultra is a special device, as it packs tons of unique features and specifications. For instance, the product comes with a lot of camera improvements compared to its predecessors. That’s not all; Galaxy S22 Ultra also comes with a brighter display and faster charging. As amazing as this smartphone is, you need to keep in mind that it’s not without its issues. The latest reports across various social media platforms reveal that Galaxy S22 Ultra users are experiencing camera HDR issues.

Read on to find everything you need to know about the new Galaxy S22 Ultra camera HDR issues, including a fix to address them.

Galaxy S22 Ultra camera HDR issues affect users

If you’re looking for the highest-end smartphone in Samsung’s current catalog, the Galaxy S22 Ultra is certainly what you need. This device is special as it’s more of a successor to the Galaxy Note series. Yes, the Galaxy S22 Ultra model is an amped-up Galaxy Note smartphone with a faster built-in S Pen. The device also comes with lots of camera improvements and a brighter display.

Unfortunately, not all Galaxy S22 users are currently enjoying this highest-end smartphone. The latest reports reveal that some users are experiencing camera HDR issues on their Galaxy S22 gadget. While explaining what the problem looks like, affected users mentioned that the camera processing sometimes blows out the picture highlights too much.

You can check here (1,2,3,4) to see what the affected users are saying regarding the Galaxy S22 Ultra camera HDR issues.

Some users also found out that the highlight control of Galaxy S22 Ultra’s predecessors is better than the one on recent models. A comparison was also carried out between Galaxy S22 Ultra’s highlight control and that of Huawei P50 Pro. Ice Universe noticed the highlight control of P50 Pro is better.

Galaxy S22 Ultra Camera HDR Issues

Is there any fix yet?

For now, the exact cause of the S22 Ultra camera HDR issues is still unknown. Sadly, Samsung is yet to release an official statement to acknowledge the issue. We’ll continue to monitor the Samsung team for updates regarding the problem. As soon as we find anything worth sharing, you’ll be the first to know about it here.

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