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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4, 3 screen protector peeling for users

Galaxy Z Fold 4
Source: Samsung

A lot of users are experiencing an issue with their Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 & 3 screen protector peeling off. Many reports claim that even when the protector comes pre-applied with the phone, it starts peeling off after a few months or even weeks of use.

Reports of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 & 3 inner screen protector peeling off

There are several threads on Reddit discussing this issue, with many users reporting that the screen protector on their Galaxy Fold 4 or Fold 3 has begun to peel off in the middle of the screen, near the crease.

Similar issues have been reported with other foldable smartphones in addition to the Samsung Fold 4 and Fold 3.

“What should I switch my fold 3 too? This is going to be a stupid question but wanting some opinions. I have a galaxy fold 3 and I really like the phone and how it works. I use the inner screen all the time and love the tablet size. The thing I hate is how the inner screen is always peeling off. I would say every 3 weeks I need to go into I break it u fix it to get it replaced,” a user posted.

“My built-in screen protector started peeling and I want to change it any suggestions for screen protectors? Please link them”  another user reported.

Some users have reported that even after having the protector replaced by Samsung, they are experiencing similar issues with the new one.

Potential workarounds

While Samsung has not officially acknowledged the issue, there are some workarounds.

Some users have stated that their device came with two screen protectors applied directly from the factory in rare cases. The problem was resolved by peeling off the second layer.

Users recommend removing the inner screen protector entirely to achieve a smooth screen.

If your issue is genuine, Samsung may also provide a free screen protector replacement, but some users have reported that this has not been the case for them.

Using third-party stores such as uBreakiFix to replace the damaged screen protector can also be a safer way to solve the problem.

Moreover, you can also purchase Samsung Care+ for some advanced features.


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