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Samsung Galaxy S22 and S21 users not receiving calls or texts

Galaxy S22 and S21 not receiving calls texts 
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Several Samsung Galaxy S22 and S21 users reported problems with not receiving calls or texts. Others also said they were unable to make calls or send texts after the June 2022 update.

Galaxy S22 and S21 users facing calls and texts issue

The June update disrupted two of the most basic functions of Galaxy S22 and S21 smartphones. Even troubleshooting solutions such as restarting the device and clearing the cache did not work.

Samsung Galaxy S22 and S21 users not receiving calls or texts

As per affected users, the issue with calls and texts on Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22 phones is caused by incorrect CSC code in the June update.

However, some users found some workarounds.

“I tried the newest version first, flashed that with a factory rest and I had the same issues. Flashed the previous version and everything is working as before,” a Redditor posted.

Samsung offers monthly security patches for its phones. While security fixes are aimed to resolve bugs, they can sometimes do the opposite for the devices.

Samsung’s statement

Last month, a Samsung Care Ambassador posted on the community forum that this issue is occurring on the international variants and urged users to contact regional Samsung support. 

galaxy s22 issue

The smartphone company released a July security patch for Galaxy S21 phones in the US. However, there is no official update that the issue was resolved. Some users reported that the problem persisted after the July update.

In a July 24 tweet, Samsung acknowledged the ongoing issue with Galaxy S22 and S21 users not receiving calls and texts. It said the company is working to resolve it soon.

Some users found a way to resolve the issue on their own. They downgraded and installed the May 2022 patch. Moreover, S22 users reported texts either not delivering or being sent twice.

A new patch

Samsung released the August 2022 security patch for S22 and S21 devices. One of the affected users confirmed that the latest security fix has resolved the issue with calls on Galaxy S21.

A Redditor also posted that they didn’t face the issue anymore that occurred because of the network by toggling on and off the Airplane mode.

However, there has been no updates of the issue being resolved for S22 users.

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