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Sirens blare and students don gas masks in war drills as Putin prepares Russia for WW3 – report

Sirens blare and students don gas masks in war drills as Putin prepares Russia for WW3 - report
Source: The Sun

Alarming sirens sounded across Russia on Wednesday and children put on gas masks as they participated in war drills for a potential nuclear attack. These eerie sounds were joined by unsettling live messages, The Sun reported.

Nationwide war drills in Russia amid gas mask training and sirens across 11 time zones

President Putin, in a move to prepare his citizens, had them participate in a practice exercise for a hypothetical World War III scenario. Disturbing videos even capture schoolchildren receiving instructions on how to properly wear gas masks.

In a drill that stretched over two days, sirens blared and loudspeakers echoed across all of Russia’s 11 time zones.

This marked Russia’s inaugural nationwide civil defense exercise, as President Putin seeks to educate his citizens about the perceived threat of Western involvement in a potential nuclear conflict.

The war drills followed a reported urging by Putin to test an atomic bomb, as reported by The Times.

A bone-chilling alarm rang out across cities and towns, accompanied by a message declaring, “Attention everyone.”

Emergency services, dressed in hazmat suits, followed protocol as part of a distressing exercise coordinated by the authorities.

In one scenario, a group emerged from a building, carrying a dummy body on a stretcher, along with a pack of dogs.

Meanwhile, heavily armored and spiked doors appeared to seal off an underground bunker, which held officials and Russian police.

Viewers watching TV had their programs interrupted with chilling messages displayed on their screens.

They read: “Attention, everyone!

“There is a check of readiness of the warning system to the population.

“Please remain calm.”

The same message blared from loudspeakers all over the nation.

Firefighters rushed to put out a fire, with ambulances and other teams working alongside them during this unusual exercise.

Emergency minister oversees drills to test readiness as authorities place roadside signs in nuclear attack simulation

“The main goal of the drills is to check our readiness for specific actions,” stated emergencies minister Alexander Kurenkov who was responsible for overseeing the drills.

People wearing strange hazmat suits planted signs by the side of the road. The exercise was based on the idea of a huge nuclear attack coming from the West.

According to reports, many people assumed that martial law had been imposed, and Russia had undergone complete mobilization.

In the city of Volgograd, two shelters were utilized as part of the practice exercise. One of these shelters had the capacity to house as many as 36,000 people.

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