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Orban says fighting for peace ‘alone’ after Fico shooting

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Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban claimed on Thursday to “fight for peace alone” in the European Union following an assassination attempt on his political ally, Slovakian premier Robert Fico.

Orban, like Fico, advocates peace talks between Ukraine and Russia, and the Hungarian leader characterises next month’s European elections as a referendum on the issue.

He has condemned what he says is the EU’s fuelling of the war in Ukraine through their support of Kyiv against Moscow’s invasion.

“Today we must fight for peace alone… with twice the strength,” Orban said in a post on Facebook.

The European elections have become more important than ever,” the nationalist leader added, urging voters to “vote for peace” on June 9.

Since returning to office last October, Fico has questioned Ukraine’s sovereignty, discontinued military aid to Ukraine and advocated for peace talks with Russia.

“With the change of government following the Slovak elections, Slovakia embarked on the road to becoming pro-peace,” Orban wrote.

“This was a great help for Hungary.”

Orban is the only EU leader to have maintained close ties with the Kremlin following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

He has drawn fierce criticism from other EU members for having refused to send weapons to Kyiv, advocating peace talks instead.

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