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South Korea says the US-led chip alliance is not intended to exclude China

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South Korea is reviewing its participation in the US-led semiconductor alliance from a national interest standpoint and has no plans to form an exclusive grouping against China, according to the industry minister on Monday.

Industry Minister Lee Chang-yang made the remarks in response to concerns that South Korea’s possible membership in the “Chip 4” could cause friction with China, its largest trading partner, if it becomes an exclusive grouping against Beijing.

The Chip 4 is a proposed alliance of semiconductor powerhouses that includes the United States, South Korea, Japan, and Taiwan. It is widely regarded as an anti-China alliance aimed at countering Beijing’s influence in global supply chains.

“We will decide (whether to join the Chip 4) purely from economic and strategic perspectives for the national interest. We don’t have a plan to exclude a certain country or make an exclusive grouping,” Lee told reporters.

According to the Yonhap news agency, the minister stated that his country will continue to seek cooperation with China in the chipmaking sector at “various levels.”

South Korea has decided to attend the Chip 4 preliminary meeting, which is scheduled for the end of August or early September.

Seoul intends to express its views on the “desirable” direction in which the Chip 4 should proceed at the upcoming meeting, according to Lee.

Concerning power plant exports, the minister stated that “some progress” has been made without going into specifics.

“The government plans to set up a task force to discuss sales strategies of power plants, and start with the Czech Republic and Poland (for nuclear energy sales) in the global power plant market,” Lee said.


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