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Super Bowl buffering or pausing for YouTube TV users

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Multiple  Youtube TV users are reporting constant buffering or pausing during Super Bowl matches. The interruptions prevent them from enjoying the game.

The streaming rights for NFL and Super Bowl games have been awarded to YouTube TV, the TV service born from the popular video platform. However, not everything has gone exactly as planned.

Reports of YouTube TV Super Bowl buffering or pausing

Several users are currently experiencing live stream buffering or pausing. They also claim there’s pixelation during transmission which has a significant impact on the viewing experience.

Some even said their audio and video are not in sync.

“@YouTubeTV buffering during Super Bowl pregame. Hope you fix this before game time. YouTubeTV perfect all year, two years in a row now we get buffering during the game. Restarted / reinstalled yadda yadda,” reported one user.

Additionally, affected users state that the problem is not on their end because their internet works fine, but blamed the platform.

@YouTubeTV how are you not prepared to handle the streaming of the Super Bowl? The constant buffering is beyond annoying. Losing channels and unable to watch the #SuperBowlLVII without constant buffering, losing a customer here. It’s not my internet service, I know that.

A YouTube community manager on Reddit has requested users to share screenshots from the ‘Stats for Nerds’ section.

“Appreciate the info everyone. If you’re experiencing any frequent buffering when watching the Super Bowl, please post a pic of your Stats for Nerds here, & I’ll ask engineering to look more into this. Thanks in advance,” they commented.

Issue acknowledged by Youtube TV

Luckily, the YouTube TV team has already responded to the problem and is looking into it. However, no timeline for a fix has been provided.

“Appreciate the info! we’re aware of the pixelation issue and we’re looking into it now,” they posted.

There are currently no workarounds available to make the streaming experience better. But you can switch to other cable networks or platform if the issue persists.

Moreover, Fox subscribers said the Sports streaming app was lagging during the match.

Super Bowl LVII kicked off on February 12.

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