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YouTube TV users hopeful for MLB Network to come back on the platform

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Several posts on Reddit indicate that there are still some users who hold hope for seeing the MLB Network back on YouTube TV.

Reports of YouTube TV users hopeful for MLB Network to come back

According to posts on different Reddit threads, some subscribers remain hopeful about the potential return of MLB Network to YouTube TV.

A few users expressed confidence that YouTube and the network will eventually reach a new agreement, while others think that both parties will collaborate to find a mutually beneficial solution.

“Do you think mlb network will come back to yttv before the season? Yttv had me exited with the whole Sunday ticket thing but now that they dropped mlb network I’m not sure. Do you think it will make its return in time for the season?” a user posted.

“Has anyone heard or read any updates on this!? I am very aware that I can go elsewhere for it but it’s nice to have it all on one platform and everything I have read indicates that there has been zero movement. Why!? Just agree on large sums of money and give me MLB Network back!!!” another report said.

A particular user even remarked that YouTube TV has a promising future and can still thrive despite the ongoing situation with MLB Network.

YouTube has no plans of bringing MLB Network back to the platform

Although there is optimism among some subscribers, it should be noted that YouTube has not made any official announcement regarding the return of MLB Network to the platform.

According to a tweet from YouTube support, they expressed disappointment in being unable to come to an agreement to continue offering MLB Network on YouTube TV.

One Reddit user has suggested subscribing to a local cable provider as an alternative option to watch MLB Network, which can be done on a monthly basis.

The Reddit user also recommended SiriusXM’s streaming and satellite radio services as a more affordable option compared to other streaming services. However, they acknowledged that these options may not offer the same level of convenience as YouTube TV did for some subscribers.

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