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Videos: Thai police preparation for the protest

video thai protests truck SCB Bank HQ
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Bangkok’s old town is swarming today with Thai police and undercover cops securing various streets, installing additional CCTV cameras and putting up barriers in preparation for tomorrow’s protest that will now be held at SCB Bank HQ (previously planned at Crown Property Bureau).

Below video shows Thai police preparing for tomorrow’s protest, in this footage more than 15 trucks are seen, loaded with big cement barriers and barbed wires, in the old city.

Venue for Thai protest changed to SCB Bank HQ

In the latest development, the Thai Protest movement just announced a different protest location for tomorrow at SCB Bank HQ, which has major Royal Shareholders. Protesters surprised the Police who barricaded Bangkok’s old city in anticipation of the protests.

According to reports, protesters tomorrow are planning to avoid clashes with Pro Royalist groups who are also planning to surround various Royal properties in the old city, ‘guarding’ them from the protests.

According to a tweet shared on social media, protest leader Penguin got summoned by the police under the 112 Lese Majeste law which hasn’t been used in quite a while. The 112 law defaming the Royal Family can be punished with 3-15 years in Jail.

According to the latest update, 12 Thai Protest leaders have been charged with Lese Majeste 112 Law by now.

Protests that began in July against PM Prayuth Chan-ocha have increasingly turned to calls to curb the powers of King Maha Vajiralongkorn, breaking a longstanding taboo on criticizing the monarchy.

Prime Minister has refused protestors’ demand to resign and reportedly said last week that all laws would be used against demonstrators who break them, increasing the concern of activists that the royal insult laws would be included in them.

Thai Protest Preparation Images:

Thai police and soldiers spent the last few days setting up concrete barriers and rolling out razor wire to block the roads around the Crown Property Bureau. Now the protesters have just announced that they won’t be going there after all.

More videos of preparations ahead of Thai protests


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