The 9 Best Freelance Work Opportunities for Finance Graduates

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There’s one career path that many people don’t consider to be full of great opportunities for freelancers, and that’s the financial industry.

Believe it or not, though, there are lots of opportunities for freelancers in the finance industry and opportunities that can actually make you quite a lot of money if you are willing to work hard at it!

Getting Qualified in Finance

Before taking on any paid work, freelancers should ensure that they are suitably qualified to work in the financial sector and in whatever career path they are looking to follow.

Getting qualified may involve doing an advanced degree, such as an online finance MBA, or taking some industry-standard qualifications and licensure.

Other Skills You’ll Need

Having good technical knowledge is also important in case you need to troubleshoot difficult problems or even handle project management tasks on the side.

In most professional jobs, you will be expected to be able to communicate directly with clients, so it’s really worth your while making sure your English skills are up to scratch too.

Getting the Job Done Well

If you are looking for work as a freelancer, you must ensure that you deliver your work on time and well – this is true no matter what kind of job you’re trying to land!

Clients don’t want delays or hassle, so keep them updated throughout the process and do not simply wait for them to return emails or call them.

Here are some of the top jobs for freelancers in the finance sector:

Finance Administrator

Finance administrators are often the gatekeepers to their company’s accounts and are therefore high up in the finance department. They answer any questions that may come in from clients or other departments and make sure that their team can work to tight deadlines if necessary.

Finance admin workers usually have a degree related to a business or a financial course under their belt and also have some relevant experience in finance. It’s generally a good idea for freelancers looking for finance admin work to have at least some experience, too – either from an internship, an entry-level job, or through working temporary roles at other companies.

Freelance Accountant

Many companies outsource their accounting needs to freelancers, especially when it comes to tax returns, accounts, and auditing tasks.

Freelance accountants should have a strong background in finance and be able to communicate effectively with clients. In order to do freelance accounting work, you will need a good degree in finance or business administration, the relevant certifications, and a good understanding of bookkeeping systems.

Mentorship is also really important for accountants as they have a lot of client contact, which is something that’s often overlooked by new freelancers.

Freelance System Analyst

A freelance system analyst works on behalf of his or her clients to establish and maintain computer systems and networks.

Freelance system analysts usually require a degree in computer science or IT, along with relevant work experience and accreditation.

Employers will want to see that you’re qualified in particular areas like SQL Server, firewall technology, or database security.

Freelance Tax Consultants

A great opportunity for income generation for many freelancers is tax consulting. Tax consultants need to have a good balance of analytical and technical skills in order to be able to provide a viable way for clients to get through complex tax laws.

Candidates looking for freelance tax contracts would also be advised to have a degree in something related, such as accountancy or business economics.

Finance Writer

Another great opportunity for those looking for good freelance work is that of writing about finance and investing.

Freelancers who do this kind of work will need to have a good grounding in finance and be able to clearly explain complicated topics. Knowledge of other popular money-related subjects such as personal finance, investing, and other related topics should also be included in your CV.

Financial Consultant

A financial consultant is someone who advises clients on personal finance matters – whether it’s investing, insurance, or any other area. They may also advise clients on different financial products, products as stocks, bonds, or insurance policies.

They will need to have experience in these specific areas, which can only really be gained by working as an analyst in the sector for a business or professional services firm.


Becoming a freelance lecturer is another great way to get paid to pursue your passion for teaching.

While it takes a little more effort on your part, you can get paid for teaching people about finance.

Some of the best teaching jobs for this field are in university, some private colleges, and some government training centers – so tailor your job search to this possibility.

You should have an honors degree related to finance or some kind of related qualification in order to be able to gain each course.

It’s also really important that you have good subject knowledge on whatever subject you are being hired for.

Finance Executive

As a finance executive in a business, you will be responsible for making sure that the company’s finances and assets are maintained.

Freelancing as a finance executive requires you to have a business or financial degree, along with relevant experience from your previous jobs. Employers will also be looking for experience in areas such as tax law, auditing, and other related specialist areas.

Freelance Financial Reporter

As a freelance financial reporter, you will be responsible for publishing financial reports about various companies.

This is another highly competitive field, so you will need to have at least a few good years of experience working in business, financial or related fields. It’s also important that you have an honors degree or a related postgraduate qualification.

As you can see, while there are plenty of opportunities out there for freelancers in the finance sector – the competition is fierce!

If you’re looking to stand out, however, be sure to take any writing or design classes that are offered by your local community college or university. These will only buff up your CV and could really work in your favor when applying for freelance jobs.


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