The Cycle Frontier: Solo Run Tips

Many people have different styles and approaches when it comes to playing The Cycle: Frontier. When it comes to the Solo Runs, it feels like a different world entirely. This is because most people on the game come from multiplayer games such as COD and PUBG.

The approach you use while playing the multiplayer mode should vary a little bit when it has to do with Solo runs. We’ll be sharing some tested tips to help you do better in your solo matches in this post. The Cycle Frontier aimbot is also available to walk you through any challenging scenarios you may find in the game.

6 Tips to play solo runs in The Cycle: Frontier

⦁ Survive first

The rewards you get for kills in The Cycle: Frontier is ridiculously too small to risk your life for. If you must satisfy your blood thirst, then you should go for missions that demand that you kill. The stakes are even higher now that you’re playing alone with no teammates to watch your back.

Killing anything in the game doesn’t add to your game’s progress in any way. If you get killed by the thirty-first person after your thirtieth kill, you’ll end up as though you never even played the round before. So, your survival should be of greater concern than kills.

⦁ Pay attention to sound.

Since you’re playing a solo game, the safest place to be is where you’re high alone. The stakes are even higher in solo games than in your regular multiplayer. You should also learn to tell certain sounds from others. Common sounds in the game are from mining machines, guns, and approaching players.

Therefore, you should pay attention to sound. Any sound that doesn’t come from your character should be assumed to be from enemies. You must always be alert and ready to swing into action. We recommend that you get a good 3D gaming headset for this purpose.

⦁ Learn to recognize guns through sound

This tip comes in close connection with the previous tip, as it still has to do with listening. This will save you in the long run as you can easily tell if your weapon is a match for what you’re about to face. You’ll eventually get to master this tip over time.

For example, a heavy machine gun should fire a long torrent of bullets with a heavy thumping sound. If you were in the match with your pistol, you don’t need anyone to tell you to run. The only chances you have here are if you can find a way to ambush or flank the shooter. A face-to-face battle with this opponent is a bad bet for you.

⦁ Understand the map

Knowing the map goes far beyond knowing your current location on the map and where to find substantial loot. This also includes knowing different routes that lead to the same location, what objects you can climb, etc.

Also, some items are more important than others on the map. You have to know what locations you can easily find them. Sometimes you need to know what types or colors of containers you can easily find them. Lastly, you’d want to know hotspots in the game. Once you can easily tell where the hotspots are, you can decide whether or not you should go.

⦁ Never let your location be an easy guess.

A static target is an easy target. Know this and reduce your chances of dying. The Cyle: Frontier has many different spots where your enemy can be hiding out of sight. You can be on an enemy’s sniper scope without knowing about it.

The only way to keep yourself safe in this scenario is by constantly being on the move. You can use high grounds to your advantage as gamers on The Cycle: Frontier hardly look upward. Furthermore, you can add to your chances to keep enemies guessing by distracting them. A common way to do this is by launching explosives in the opposite direction to where you are.


There are lots of nitty-gritty when it comes to playing solo runs in The Cycle: Frontier. However, the style is pretty much the same, just a few tweaks because you won’t have teammates to look out for you.

Two important things you should always keep in mind are your map knowledge and in-game sound. You can also increase your survival chances by staying mobile, running from cover to cover. Lastly, your kill count is not important; consider your survival first.

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