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TikTok Down: Users Seeing 0 Likes And Views

China says US TikTok vote follows 'logic of a bandit'
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Users at social media like Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms like Down Detector are reporting problems with the connectivity of TikTok, many users on these platforms report that TikTok is down or not working for them.

One TikTok user posted on Down Detector, “I’m somewhat relieved that it’s happening to everyone. Maybe we’re ok. Maybe they’re doing a critical update and something screwed up.”

Some users report, that they think the social media platform isn’t down but it’s probably shut down for good.

The Down Detector outage map shows the TikTok issues are affecting users in the UK, US, and large parts of Europe.

Here are reactions from Down Detector of users:

Guest: All of my likes and views are gone , i have 77k followers on tiktok , my username is nessandreem

Something Screwed: POV: You’re scrolling through comments in attempts to put yourself at ease. You hope TikTok isn’t shutting down, but these comments do not calm you down.

Isabella Gehl: I can still see views and likes from all videos before June so I think it’s definitely just a glitch. Give it a day and if it’s not up and running by next week then let’s freak out. They wouldn’t just shut down without letting people know.

Isballe Gehl: I just got a notification from TikTok and you can still see likes on comments. It’s just a glitch it used to happen to me all the time.

Here are some comments from anxious users on Twitter:

@Ana: Me: no way they’ll ban TikTok. Me now seeing all the videos at 0 likes and views.

@Stillgray: TikTok is down. Technical issues, but hopefully the outage will be permanent once the Justice Department makes it illegal. It is Chinese spyware, after all.

@Kevindurantq: Everyone when TikTok stopped showing likes/views on videos.


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