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TikTok ‘Stories’ or ‘Story mode’ gone missing for users

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According to reports, some TikTok users noticed that the ‘Stories’ feature or ‘Story mode’ has suddenly gone missing from their accounts.

Reports of TikTok ‘Stories’ or ‘Story mode’ gone missing

In October 2013, Snapchat introduced a feature called “My Story,” which was a big hit. It allowed users to post a series of snaps that would be visible to their friends for the next twenty-four hours. It was a fun and easy way to share moments with everyone on the platform.

The feature was a significant update that greatly improved the platform’s engagement, and as a result, its popularity increased.

The missing stories issue has caused many disappointments. Apparently, the bug has been troubling users for a while now.

“Why does the story thing on TikTok always disappear.. sometimes its there for 1 day and sometimes it’s gone for a week. I hate it,” a user posted.

“Why doesn’t my tiktok have a story mode anymore, it’s sad like this.”

Many users welcomed the feature eagerly as it brought a fresh aspect to their content. With the option to use both front and back cameras at once, they could get creative with their videos.

However, the initial excitement over TikTok Stories didn’t last long. Some users who had been able to use ‘Stories’ before suddenly found it missing, and they started expressing their dissatisfaction and complaints about the situation.

The absence of ‘Stories’ issue has had a negative impact on the user experience for those who can no longer access it.

Potential workaround

We’ve found a solution to help you locate the missing TikTok Story mode. Here’s what you can do:

If you only have one account, a temporary fix for this problem could be to close and then reopen the TikTok app. This might help restore the missing Story mode as it did for some users.

As of now, TikTok hasn’t addressed the issue, but we can remain hopeful that the developers will work on finding a solution as soon as possible.


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