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Top 10 best alternatives of AI chat bot ChatGPT

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If you’re tired of using ChatGPT, don’t fret because there are so many other options! Here are the top 10 alternatives of AI bot ChatGPT to boost your productivity.

List of 10 best alternatives of AI chat bot ChatGPT

1. Chatsonic

Chatsonic, an AI bot similar to ChatGPT, uses the previous version of the GPT-3.5 model instead of the newly launched GPT-4. Compared to ChatGPT, Chatsonic offers several advantages. It can answer questions related to information that occurred before 2021, while ChatGPT cuts itself off from such information. Chatsonic uses Google’s Knowledge Graph to connect to the internet, while ChatGPT restricts itself from accessing information beyond 2021.

2. Microsoft Bing

Microsoft Bing is an AI tool that has gained over 100 million users since its release, and it can now be used as a genuine competitor to Google Search. Bing sets itself apart from other ChatGPT alternatives by offering Conversation Styles that allow users to choose between casual, professional, and balanced responses.

3. Google Bard

Google Bard was characterized by CEO Sundar Pichai as an “experimental conversational AI service.” The AI chat bot is powered by a scaled-down version of LaMDA, Google’s proprietary large language model. With comparable capabilities to ChatGPT, it appeared that Google would emerge as a leader in artificial intelligence.

4. Jasper Chat

Jasper is a firm that utilizes artificial intelligence to generate written content for businesses. Its Jasper Chat, similar to Chatsonic, operates on the GPT-3.5 LLM. Additionally, the company claims that it has learned from billions of articles in 29 different languages published before 2021.

5. YouChat has created YouChat as an alternative to ChatGPT. The latest release of YouChat is version 2.0, which combines text generation and online searches. YouChat retrieves information from after 2021, but since it was launched prior to GPT-4, it may not be as powerful as ChatGPT.

6. Claude

Claude is an AI chatbot developed by Anthropic, a company reportedly founded by former OpenAI employees. It aims to avoid generating offensive or harmful responses. The previous version of ChatGPT had an issue with jailbreaking, which involves tricking the AI into violating its guidelines.

7. Poe by Quora

Quora has introduced an AI platform named “Poe” which stands for “Platform for Open Exploration.” Unlike a traditional AI chatbot, Poe provides access to multiple chatbots, including ChatGPT and Claude, in one place. It is an excellent option for people who want to try AI chatbots and does not require an account to access it. Poe has a high uptime rate during usage.

8. Socratic

Socratic is a Google-owned AI tool that assists students in solving their homework problems. To use it, you can take a picture of your homework question and send it to Socratic. After cropping the image and selecting the specific question, the tool will respond with an answer in a matter of seconds. Additionally, you can also ask questions using voice and text input.

9. Amazon Codewhisperer

The Amazon Codewhisperer is an AI-powered development tool that assists coders in writing code by receiving feedback from comments and offering appropriate suggestions. It operates in an IDE and supports various programming languages such as Python, C#, and Java. Although it is an Amazon service, users can access it without Amazon Web Services. Additionally, it is currently available for free as it is still in its preview phase.

10. Perplexity

Perplexity is an iPhone application, which sets it apart from ChatGPT, as the latter has no official mobile app at present. However, its functionality is not as impressive as OpenAI’s chatbot. It lacks the ability to provide multi-turn responses, which means that it cannot remember previous prompts, making it unable to refer to past prompts to generate responses.

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