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Top 10 Companies Developing Coronavirus Vaccine

Companies Developing Coronavirus Vaccine

Since the rapid and continuous spread of coronavirus, a lot of people and businesses have been affected. Apart from that, a lot of small enterprises have also suffered, with some on the verge of shutting down for good. Amid all of that, some vaccine developers have come out, saying they are making vaccines to end all these pandemic issues. In this article, we’ll be sharing with you the list of companies developing the coronavirus vaccine.

Top 10 Companies Developing Vaccine For Coronavirus

According to findings by ResearchAndMarket, here’s a list of 10 pharmaceutical companies developing the coronavirus vaccine.

Top 5 companies

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)

In February, GSK announced that it’s working on a vaccine and will give the University of Queensland in Australia access to its vaccine adjuvant platform. Besides that, it has given Clover Biopharmaceuticals Inc access to the vaccine. Right now, the company is using the vaccine alongside its own, COVID-19 S-Trimer.

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) is one of the Companies Developing Coronavirus Vaccines

Recall that GSK had released many vaccines in the past, including that of the seasonal flu and HPV. Let’s hope this new one will also come out effective to cure COVID-19.

Pfizer Inc.

In March, there’s an announcement by Pfizer Inc. about its collaboration with BioNtech Se to develop the BioNtech’s mRNA based on coronavirus vaccine candidate BNT-162. In 2018, both companies also partnered to develop the preventative vaccines for influenza. As it is now, the clinical testing vaccine has been approved, and it’s ongoing at the moment.

Pfizer Inc. is one of the Companies Developing Coronavirus Vaccines

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson is also included in our list of companies developing the coronavirus vaccine. This company has also announced its collaboration with BARDA to produce a vaccine candidate. However, in March, there’s a release that the preclinical testing on multiple candidates has started. And at the end of March, the company chose its lead COVID-19 vaccine candidate. Presently, J&J is already working on building its capacity to manufacture up to a billion doses across the world.

jOHNSON & johnson is one of the Companies Developing Coronavirus Vaccines

Inovio Pharmaceuticals

As of now, Inovio has completed it’s preclinical testing on its vaccine candidate, INO-4800. Early this month, there’s also a report that testing is ongoing in some parts of the world.

invio logo


Sanofi is also on our list of companies developing the coronavirus vaccine. In February, the company started working with BARDA to use its recombinant platform to run tests for its COVID-19 preclinical vaccine candidate. Sanofi is expected to have its phase 1 clinical studies by June.

sanofi logo

Other Five companies

Novavax Inc.

Novavax in February announced having several preclinical vaccine candidates. Also, in March, it started collaborating with Emergent Biosolutions, to develop its experimental vaccine.


At the moment, BioNTech is working with Pfizer to develop its BNT-162 vaccine candidate. Apart from that, it’s also working with Fosun Pharmaceuticals and has started to conduct clinical trials in China.

Heat Biologics

The company has announced its collaboration with the University of Miami to produce a Coronavirus vaccine. Also, its gp96 vaccine candidate is on the WHO’s landscape of 71 preclinical vaccine candidates.


Vaxart also announced its partnership with Emergent Biosolutions in March, to develop its oral vaccine candidate. According to the company, the vaccine will come in the form of a room temperature stable tablet.

Vir Biotechnology

According to Virginia, it’s working with Biogen and WuXi biologics to develop its lead vaccine candidate. It also plans on moving to clinical testing phase 1 by mid-June.

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