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Donald Trump plotting raids, mass deportation, giant detention camps for undocumented immigrants: NYT

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Former President Donald Trump is reportedly planning a robust immigration crackdown if he secures a second term in the upcoming year. This strategy involves the systematic rounding up of undocumented immigrants, who would then be held in large detention camps until their expulsion from the country, as disclosed in a report. The New York Times cites several advisors revealing that the leading contender for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination is aiming to deport millions of people.

The report relied on discussions with various advisers, among them Stephen Miller, who supervised immigration policies during Trump’s initial term, as per the Times.

The proposed plan extends beyond addressing the nearly 4 million migrants who have crossed the US border since President Biden assumed office in 2021. It also includes individuals who have been settled in the country for decades. Trump’s comprehensive immigration initiative aims to resurrect regulations implemented during his presidency, such as the ban on entry from certain Muslim-majority countries. Additionally, the plan introduces new policies designed to expedite the deportation process, as outlined in the newspaper’s report.

This potential immigration crackdown by the 77-year-old former Commander-in-Chief would involve deputizing local police and National Guard troops from Republican-run states. These forces would collaborate with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers to assist in the apprehension of undocumented individuals, according to report.

Newly constructed and expansive detention camps are intended to accommodate migrants, addressing the strain on ICE facilities that Trump aims to maximize.

If Congress rejects approval for this extensive operation, Trump plans to redirect Pentagon funds, a strategy previously employed for his border wall during his first term.

The Biden-Harris campaign strongly condemned the alleged immigration plans, characterizing them as “extreme, racist, cruel policies” meant to “stoke fear and divide us,” with the belief that Trump seeks to win the election by capitalizing on a frightened nation.

The surge in migrants entering the US in recent years remains a significant and contentious focus in political campaigns across party lines.


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