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Tucker Carlson could face EU sanctions for Putin interview: report

Tucker Carlson reportedly interviewed Putin

TV show host Tucker Carlson might face sanctions from the EU because of his recent activities in Russia, according to Newsweek. The Kremlin has verified that Russian President Vladimir Putin was interviewed by Carlson, marking Putin’s first interview with a Western journalist since the extensive invasion of Ukraine two years ago.

EU Parliament member warns of potential economic sanctions and travel ban for Tucker Carlson

Carlson shared a video from Moscow on Tuesday announcing his upcoming interview with Putin, and within less than a day, the Kremlin confirmed that the interview had indeed taken place.

During his visit to Russia this week, Carlson announced that he would soon release the interview with Putin. However, this move has raised eyebrows in the EU, DailyMail reported.

Guy Verhofstadt, a former Prime Minister of Belgium and a current member of the European Parliament, expressed his concerns to Newsweek. Verhofstadt labeled Carlson as a “mouthpiece” for both former President Donald Trump and Putin.

He emphasized that as Putin is considered a war criminal and the EU imposes sanctions on those who support him, it’s reasonable for the EU to scrutinize Carlson’s case. Verhofstadt even suggested the possibility of imposing a travel ban on Carlson due to his perceived alignment with Trump and Putin.

Russian media emphasizes significance of Tucker Carlson’s visit

Russian state media gave extensive coverage to Tucker Carlson’s visit on Wednesday. Vladimir Solovyev, a prominent television host in Russia, commented on the significance of Carlson’s interview with Putin.

Solovyev stated that the interview has the potential to challenge the prevailing narrative in Western media, which he believes unfairly focuses on Putin’s actions in Ukraine. Solovyev, known for his critical stance towards Western media, emphasized that Carlson is seen as a threat because he doesn’t conform to this narrative.

During his extensive tenure at Fox News spanning over a decade, Carlson hosted a show that frequently explored various perspectives, including discussions on Russia and the events of January 6th in the United States. Despite this, Fox News did not provide details regarding Carlson’s departure from the network.

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