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Twitter Bug: Users can’t follow, unfollow, block anyone

Twitter down: Users report seeing 'Rate Limit Exceeded' error message
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Multiple Twitter users posted on Thursday that they can’t block, follow, unfollow, or mute anyone.

“There is something wrong with my Twitter I can’t follow and unfollow people does anyone know what’s up?” one user tweeted.

“Anyone else can’t unfollow people on Twitter? It’s literally not letting me do it”, another Twitter user posted.

Why can’t Twitter users block, follow, and unfollow others?

Apparently, if you unfollow someone on Twitter, it shows ‘follows’ after you refresh your page. The same error occurs if you try to follow, block, or mute someone.

Mine is being weird, can’t seem to unfollow or block anyone! It just goes right back to following or unblocked,” posted one Twitter user. 

Some people even shared memes and funny pictures about their inability to follow or unfollow anyone and said the micro-blogging platform was “broken”.

People tagged Twitter’s support team in their tweets to make the company aware about the bug.

However, there has been no acknowledgement from Twitter about the prevailing issue.

Previous Outages

This is not the first time Twitter users are sharing reports of glitches on the platform.

Over 27,000 Twitter users had reported loading issues on the social media platform on Tuesday, according to

Twitter Inc had responded that it had fixed issues with multiple complaints of users unable to access the website.

“We fixed it! We made an internal systems change that didn’t go as planned and have rolled it back. Twitter should now be loading as expected. Sorry about that!,” Twitter said in a tweet.

The company is in a legal tussle with Tesla’s Elon Musk over his $44 billion takeover deal, Reuters reported.

Last month, Twitter users experienced a nearly three-hour outage in July, with the social media company saying it had some issues with its internal systems that affected a lot of people globally.

There was another widespread outage in February that Twitter blamed on a “software glitch”.

Other technology companies have also faced outages in the past year. In October 2021, Meta Platforms were down for nearly six hours keeping Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp out of reach for users all over the world.


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