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Twitter users face ‘Email already registered with account’ issue upon login

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Multiple Twitter users are experiencing the ‘Email already registered with account’ issue. The error occurs when they try to log in to their account.

Reports of Twitter ‘Email already registered with account’ issue

Users of the micro-blogging platform tweeted about the error on Thursday and Friday.

“My other account requires I verify my email, but my account doesn’t have an email. When I put in any email (even a new one) it says it’s already registered with another account, so I can’t access my account,” a user tweeted.

People reached out to Twitter Support to ask for help and claimed the issue was on Twitter’s end.

“I was locked out of my Account @COZYHIVE and to log back in I have to verify an email, it won’t let me do that. It says that the page had an error. Can I have some help?” another user wrote.

Some users were not able to retrieve their accounts due to the persisting issue.

“My main email address is in use by a Twitter account but I never made one until just now. I would like to connect this account to my main email address (please help). I can’t reclaim an account I don’t believe I ever made.”

Frequent users of the social media platform are frustrated as the issue prevents them from getting access to their accounts using email.

Some people even used a new email address to verify their account but it did not work.

Twitter has acknowledged the issue

Twitter’s team was quick to acknowledge the issue of the email verification error. They are looking to fix it but have not provided an ETA yet. Affected people will have to wait for the issue to get resolved.

Twitter 'Email already registered with account' issue

This is not the first time Twitter users are sharing reports of issues with the platform.

Last week, multiple Twitter users posted that they can’t block, follow, unfollow, or mute anyone. Moreover, last month, Twitter users experienced a nearly three-hour outage in July, with the social media company saying it had some issues with its internal systems that affected a lot of people globally.


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