Twitter’s ‘like button’ removed or disappear in feed for iOS users

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According to multiple reports, iOS users are experiencing an issue where the like button on Twitter appears to disappear or be removed from the feed.

Reports of Twitter ‘like button’ removed or disappear in feed for iOS users

Some Twitter users are currently reporting that the like button does not appear in their feeds. The issue arose following the recent addition of the ‘view count’ feature.

In the feed, those affected can only see the ‘view count,’ ‘comment,’ and ‘retweet’ options. To access the feature to like something, one must first open a ‘Tweet’.

Affected users have to click twice on a tweet or a post to like something, which some people find quite annoying.

“@TwitterSupport @Twitter While watching any video, if I click like button the video gets muted, a few weeks back I thought this bug will be fixed, but it is still not fixed, or maybe it is happening only to me,” a user reported.

Another user posted: “Hello ⁦@TwitterSupport⁩ my iPhone SE can’t see the like button in the timeline, only enough room when I open the tweet.

Other Twitter users voiced concerns that simply clicking twice on a video would mute it rather than like it, which is also an issue for some.

The problem has also been present for some time, but the developers have yet to fully resolve it. Such concerns are extremely frustrating for iOS users, who feel victimized or excluded.

Moreover, there are some people who are asking the company to restore the ‘like button’ option on the platform. They think it was a much easier and quicker way to like posts than the current options.

No official response + potential workarounds

While Twitter has not yet acknowledged the issue, there is a potential workaround that might help.

iOS owners are suggested to change the ‘Display Zoom’ option from ‘Zoomed’ to ‘Standard’ mode. Hopefully, after trying that, the like button will appear on their feed.

We hope Twitter developers come up with an effective solution for the problem soon.


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