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Users report DJI Mini 3 Pro unable to fly after error 30064

DJI Mini 3 Pro

Multiple users have reported an issue with DJI Mini 3 Pro in which they are unable to take off or fly the drone after error 30064.

DJI Mini 3 Pro unable to fly error 30064 occurred after latest update

DJI Mini 3 Pro users said every time they attempt to fly their drone, they are disrupted by an error that says ‘Unable to take-off (Code: 30064)’.

It is possible that the error occurred due to either both hardware or software-related issues. However, users believe the drone was working well before they updated their DJI Assistant to the latest update v2.1.11 on their PC.

A lot of users are perplexed and frustrated that their brand-new drone is not working properly.

“Brand new drone with less than 1 hour of flight time on it and it’s nothing more than a paperweight. I flew one battery pack and then received the fly more pack. Followed the instructions to update all the batteries with the latest firmware and now all I get is a 30064 error,” a user posted.

“Today I’m not able to use my Mini 3 pro, I always have a code 30064 (Unable to take off message). I update all firmware (Mini 3 pro, RC-N1 and dji Fly), I recalibrate IMU and Compass. But always this message. Does anyone have a solution?” a user posted on the official community forum.

“I’ve got a problem with my Mini 3 pro: after installing the software update using dji assistant 2 the drone will not fly anymore telling me the error 30064 occurs. I updated the remote control as well and also tried to re-install the update but this has no effect,” another user posted.

Some users tried to troubleshoot their device or even detach the SD card. Others tried recalibrating the compass on the drone as well as on the RC controller. The rest of the users resorted to factory resetting the RC controller. However, none of the users found a solution to the persisting issue.

Issue acknowledged by DJI

A DJI Administrator was quick to take notice of the Mini 3 Pro being unable to take off issue. However, no ETA was provided for the fix on their official community forum.


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