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Users struggle after finding out their ‘Facebook photos got deleted’

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Facebook users expressed their outrage as numerous cherished memories, including irreplaceable photos of family members, got deleted from their accounts.

Reports of deleted and missing photos from Facebook accounts

Individuals have turned to different online forums and social media platforms to vent their frustration. They are questioning the sudden disappearance of their photos and seeking information about the possibility of retrieving them.

The absence of clear communication from Facebook has further contributed to the unease surrounding this matter. Certain users have specified that the deleted images primarily consist of mobile uploads or unorganized snapshots, rather than those stored in structured albums.

However, there are individuals who assert that all of their photos spanning over a decade have been completely removed.

According to The Sun, Jame Koopman, an affected user, revealed that the problem initially started with the disappearance of a few images, but it has now escalated to the point where his entire collection of uploaded photos is gone.

“All of my upload photos are gone and now all that is left are yesterday’s uploads,” he said. “I feel as if someone has died. I am devastated.”

One user suggests a potential connection between the recent app update (for Android and iOS) and the deletion of Facebook photos, as the images can still be viewed on the website.

Others argue that the problem seems to be more related to server load rather than the update itself. They said the photographs are not permanently lost but are not loading in the album, but reappear after some time.

Workarounds to get deleted photos back

Luckily, users on Reddit have found two simple ways to retrieve deleted photos.

Although Facebook hasn’t officially confirmed these methods, many people have reported successful outcomes.

Method 1:

Go to the Memories section on Facebook.
Scroll down to the bottom and select Highlights.
Click on Albums.
Look for your deleted posts and save them again.

Method 2:

Log in to using a computer.
Open the Settings & Privacy menu.
Select “Your Facebook Information.”
Choose the option to download your information.
Fill in the required details.
Download your deleted photos from Facebook.

If these methods don’t work, it’s best to avoid uploading photos through the app until the problem is resolved.


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