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Reddit users unable to open links externally, shows ‘No apps can perform this action’ error

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Reddit users have reported that they are facing an issue with opening links externally. They get a ‘No apps can perform this action’ error whenever they try to open a link using “open with” option.

Multiple reports of ‘No apps can perform this action’ issue on Reddit

Multiple users have been complaining that they get an empty bar whenever they try to open external links. The issue has been going on for a week now.

“No apps can perform this action. Can’t open links externally since the latest Reddit update. Anyone experiencing this?”, one Redditor posted.

People shared their issues and asked others if they were experiencing the same.

“When I try to open a link to an external app like my web browser, instead of the options of “open with” the drawer is empty and reads “no apps to share to”. I checked my defaults and nothing looks out of the ordinary, is there something I’m missing?”

“The same issue, thought it was caused by a work profile app I installed for a new job. Removed that and still seeing the issue (realized I wasn’t seeing it the last week I had the profile active until today). Had to switch to opening things in-app and then pop open the browser.”

Affected users claim that the latest Reddit update might be the cause of the issue. It is extremely annoying for frequent users of the community platform. People are unable to use or access links to other apps such as Twitter or YouTube.

Potential fix

The good thing is that there is a potential workaround around the persisting issue.

Apparently, if you disable the “Open supported links” option in the Reddit app info page, it can help you open external links in a web browser.

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll to the Apps section
  • Click on Reddit and tap on ‘Open by default’.
  • Then disable ‘Open supported links’.

A user that was previously experiencing the same issue shared a potential workaround.

“I can’t open links in external apps. I get a message saying “no apps can perform this action.” I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, and I could open a link when it was set to open links in-app.”

Their first solution: “I have found I can get links to open in a non-browser app (imgur) if I click “reply” to the comment and then click the link in the box that shows the comment I’m replying to. I have not yet tried with a generic link.”

Second solution: “This tactic also works with links that open in the browser rather than their own app,” they posted.

Additionally, the fix has worked for some people. However, there is no acknowledgment of the issue from Reddit developers.


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