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VIDEO: Biden refused to answer reporter’s question on Afghanistan

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On Sunday, President Biden refused to answer a reporter’s question about Afghanistan, as the deadline for withdrawing all US troops on August 31 approaches.

Biden offered reporters to take questions at the Federal Emergency Management Agency headquarters in Washington on Sunday, but walked when one reporter asked him a question on Afghanistan.

Biden was at FEMA to discuss the response to Hurricane Ida, which weakened to a Category 4 before making landfall in Louisiana on Sunday.

“I’m not supposed to take questions, but go ahead,” Mr. Biden said to a reporter.

“Mr. President, on Afghanistan—,” the reporter began. Biden cut the reporter off before she could complete the question.

“I’m not going to answer on Afghanistan now,” said Mr. Biden and walked away.

Earlier in the day, Pres. Biden met privately with the families of US service members killed in last week’s ISIS-K attack at Kabul International Airport.

WATCH VIDEO: Biden refused to respond to a reporter’s question on Afghanistan

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