Violent attack on Grandmother and her granddaughter on their doorstep in Bordeaux prompted shock across France

Video: Grandmother and child attacked on doorstep in Bordeaux
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A shocking video of a grandmother and child being attacked on their Bordeaux doorstep sparked widespread shock in France on Monday, Telegraph reported.

Video of grandmother and child attacked on Bordeaux doorstep went viral on social media

Opposition parties in France criticized Emmanuel Macron’s government for its perceived failure to address the increasing crime rates. In an affluent neighborhood of Bordeaux, a shocking incident occurred on Monday where a 73-year-old grandmother and her 7-year-old granddaughter were attacked in broad daylight.

The security camera footage, widely shared on social media, captures the victims standing at the doorstep of the woman’s son’s residence. As they attempt to close the front door, an assailant suddenly launches himself at them, violently grabbing and throwing them to the ground.

Although the attacker seemingly tries to abduct the girl, he flees when a dog appears and starts barking. A 29-year-old French national with a history of 15 prior convictions was swiftly apprehended as the suspect.

Bordeaux’s state prosecutor, Frederique Porterie, revealed that the suspect, who suffers from schizophrenia and had ceased taking his prescribed medication, was subsequently transferred to a psychiatric hospital in Bordeaux on Tuesday. The victims received medical treatment for their cuts and bruises, according to Ms. Porterie.

Pierre Hurmic, the mayor of Bordeaux from the Green party, expressed his profound shock over the attack, stating he was “extremely shocked.”

Criticism and calls for action surrounding attack in Bordeaux

Government spokesman Olivier VĂ©ran commented on the incident, describing it as an example of “gratuitous violence” and emphasizing the importance of security for the French. He further mentioned that the government had significantly increased both the justice budget and the number of law enforcement personnel.

Interior Minister GĂ©rald Darmanin asserted that the perpetrator must face severe punishment for the crime, while Justice Minister Eric Dupont-Moretti described the images as “absolutely unbearable.”

However, the government also faced criticism from the Right, particularly in light of a recent mass stabbing incident at a children’s playground in Annecy, perpetrated by a Syrian refugee.

“These attacks are daily and the insecurity, aggravated by migratory chaos, is becoming endemic. How many videos like this are needed before the authorities react?” said Marine Le Pen, leader of the hard-Right National Rally party.

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