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WATCH: Pfizer CEO says we may need a fourth vaccine dose sooner to combat omicron variant

Pfizer CEO fourth dose vaccine
Image: Video Screenshot / CNBC

Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla stated on Wednesday that a fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine may be required in the future due to concerns about the omicron variant.

Bourla previously thought a fourth shot would be required 12 months after the third dose, but with omicron, that timeline may need to be pushed up.

QUICK: Albert, Israel’s already working on fourth vaccination shots. What, what has it gotten them to that point where they think that that’s necessary and what are the results, the real world results, you’ve seen as, as a result of that?

BOURLA: Look, many countries have given four doses to immunocompromised and to special population, I think including the US, so if you’re immunocompromised, you may get it way sooner than would make it more than three. And I think that they’re, they’re having a precaution. I think when we see real world data will determine if the Omicron is well covered by the third dose and for how long. And the second point, I think we will need the fourth dose. I’ve said that multiple times. With the previous, I was projecting that that will be on 12 months after the third dose. With Omicron, we need to wait and see because we have very little information. We may need it faster.

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