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Viral Video: Hiker Girl takes selfie with black bear in Mexico

Girl selfie black bear hiker viral video Chipinque Ecological Park Mexico
Image: Screen grab from the video.

A viral video shows a young hiker girl taking a selfie with a black bear when visiting Chipinque Ecological Park in San Pedro Garza García, Mexico.

The video showed a girl standing very calm and still as a black bear perched on its hind legs came near to her.  Two other hiker girls standing close to the bear can also be witnessed as calm as the brave ‘girl who took a selfie’ with the black bear.

Bystanders recording the video can be heard distracting the black bear, but the bear kept itself busy sniffing the girl’s head.

Girl who took a selfie with a black bear in the shocking video has been praised by the social media users for her “bravery” and “calmness” after the footage of the incident went viral.

“These three hiker girls visiting Chipinque Ecological Park in Nuevo Leon, Mexico experienced a hair-raising moment of their lives,” a user on social media said.

The viral video has already gained more than 3 million views on social media since Saturday.

Viral video of hiker girls with black bear in Chipinque Ecological Park, Mexico

Here’s what local authorities guide about close encounters with black bears:

Stay calm if they come into close proximity with a black bear and to never stand between a cub and its mother. Taking shelter and closely watching the bear’s behavior is also advised. Perhaps unsurprisingly, photographing or taking a selfie with the animal is a big no-no.

Here’s what people on Twitter are talking about the video:

A user named Oshikuru Lee tweeted, “Whoa, it appears she completely keeps her cool when a beautiful majestic wild black bear comes to investigate.”

Haris Parsad said, “All the black bears are not dangerous. Just stay calm and cooperate with a bear when you encounter them in the wilderness.”

Nimco Ali tweeted, “Omg. I would have ran, fallen over and been eaten. I have no idea how they stayed so chilled.”

This is not the first video of the black bear recorded in the park, a somewhat similar incident happened in December 2019 when two black bears were seen sniffing around garbage cans in the search of food.

Bonus – Another angle of the viral video from Chipinque Ecological Park, Mexico

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