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West’s response could push Russia towards China: EU’s Borrell

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The European Union’s (EU) foreign-policy chief, Josep Borrell, has warned that the Ukrainian crisis and the West’s response could “push” Russia toward China.

The diplomat said during the opening session of the Doha Forum that doing so could lead to the formation of a major schism between the global north and south, and that such a scenario should be avoided.

“One of the bad consequences of what’s happening is that we can push Russia to China, and we can create a division between the global southeast and the global northwest,” Borrell stated.

To begin with, the West should step up efforts to end the Ukrainian conflict in order to avoid the emergence of such a global schism, he explained, referring to Russia’s ongoing offensive in Ukraine as a “war of attrition.”

“In order to avoid this trend, the first thing to do is to stop this war of aggression, war of attrition today,” the diplomat said, outlining the West’s strategy as a mix of military aid to Ukraine and anti-Russian sanctions.

According to RT News, Borrell did not elaborate on how such a strategy would help avoid “pushing” Russia into China’s arms.

Since the start of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, Beijing has maintained a neutral stance, urging all parties to use diplomacy, urging the West to address Russia’s long-standing security concerns, and opposing unilateral sanctions.

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