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WhatsApp backup not working or stuck for some users

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After the iOS 16.2 update, several iPhone users have taken to social media to report a problem where WhatsApp backup stopped working or got stuck on “preparing.”

Whatsapp supports offers end-to-end encryption for private messaging and building communities. Regular updates to the software provide more significant changes and functionality. But it appears that the iOS 16.2 update broke the backup feature.

WhatsApp backup not working or stuck after iOS 16.2 update

It’s not the first time following the iOS 16.2 update that things have gone wrong. Recently, it also prevented people who use Apple Podcasts from downloading podcasts.

“@WhatsApp Backup on the app has been stuck on preparing for over a week, your help dept does not reply, what’s happening?” a user posted.

Another user posted: “@WhatsApp backup not working, I already tried with my iPhone, wife & son iPhone. Only prepare backup and never finished completely.”

The process of starting a backup on the app always remains stuck at “Preparing.” And sometimes it stays that way for days or even hours.

It appears that even people with strong network connectivity and sufficient storage on their devices are having trouble with this problem.

Users have been bothered by it for a long time, yet it is still present with iOS 16.2 and is still stuck.

Potential workaround + no official acknowledgment

A user suggested a way to back up the chat as a temporary fix that worked for them twice. Try the following steps:

  1. Open WhatsApp >> Settings >> Chats >> Chat Backup >> (here we can see our backup details).
  2. Minimize the WhatsApp app (don’t remove it from Recent).
  3. Go to the phone’s Settings >> Click on your profile pic/name >> iCloud >> Apps Using iCloud >> Whatsapp >> Toggle to turn it OFF.
  4. Minimize the Phone’s Settings (don’t remove it from Recent).
  5. Open WhatsApp from Recent >> here you will see “Sign in to iCloud to back up your history. Tap here for instructions.”. Again, minimize the WhatsApp app (but don’t remove it from Recent).
  6. Now, turn ON WhatsApp in iCloud just like you turned it OFF in step 3.
  7. Then again open WhatsApp from Recent >> Tap on “Back Up Now”. & it will backup for sure.

There is currently no acknowledgment from WhatsApp but you can try reaching out to their support team.


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