Work Tables with Undershelf

The metal table is part of the chef’s workplace. All basic and preparatory work in the kitchen is conveniently done at the table. At the same time, it is important that the equipment meets the sanitary standards and requirements adopted for the catering industry. That is why work tables with undershelves are made of stainless steel. This material is durable and resistant to all kinds of influences. Stainless steel tables are easy to clean and disinfect.

For many products, the legs at the bottom are adjustable in height using a threaded mechanism. It is designed to adapt to floor unevenness to ensure horizontality and stability. It is sometimes believed that with the help of this device it is possible to adjust the height of the working surface to the height of the worker. Food processing operations with stainless steel work tables with undershelf are carried out faster, a person works comfortably, and is less tired. Space is saved in the kitchen, it becomes possible to arrange furniture and equipment in the best possible way.

How to Choose Work Tables with Undershelf

Neutral kitchen equipment, especially the production table is located without adjoining the walls of the room. It can be installed next to other equipment to expand the working space. Tables of this type have characteristic features and advantages:

  • the neutral surface of the countertop made of stainless steel is attached to the frame of the same material;
  • the dimensions of the tabletop allow one worker to work confidently using the entire surface;
  • the shelf is designed to store auxiliary items, containers;
  • the table is easy to clean.

To reduce the cost of the entire structure of the production kitchen table, the lower shelf can be made of galvanized steel. As a rule, if the shelf is galvanized, then the legs of the table are also made of galvanized steel. This is a fairly popular combination of stainless steel and galvanization in the production of restaurant equipment.

The price of a production technological and cutting table depends on its size, materials of manufacture, the possibility of installing or removing the lower shelf structure of stainless steel work tables with two undershelf. When choosing a steel table, pay attention to the characteristics of the material itself. Such furniture for the kitchen should be made of so-called food-grade stainless steel. As a rule, such information is mentioned in the description of the cutting table, but it is better to clarify this nuance with the seller.

In order to increase hygiene during cooking, it is recommended to buy a stainless steel work tables with two undershelf and a special waste hole. Such a detail can also help save time, since for a thorough cleaning, the worker will only need to group the waste into the hole. The trash can be placed under this opening, and can be cleaned at any convenient time. Industrial stainless steel table designed and manufactured for use in catering shops, supermarkets, large warehouses, food processing plants for cutting, preparing and processing any food products, placing and storing auxiliary equipment.


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