Writing Marketing Articles: Why Article Writing Works For Online Businesses

It isn’t easy to achieve success in today’s online business without thoughtful and well-executed content marketing. Creating valuable and attractive materials aimed at a specific target audience is an essential tool for attracting customers in any niche. Marketers and copywriters look for marketing topics to write about, try different platforms for publications, and use SEO to build special relationships with the audience. Here, both sides get their benefits: for the business, it can be an increase in sales, and for the users, valuable and useful information.

One of the most trendy types of content marketing is a corporate blog. In terms of user experience, its main purpose is to provide useful and competent information on a specific topic. This marketing strategy opens up immense horizons for any business on the Internet. Let’s understand why.

Articles make you an expert in your industry

Users regularly search the Internet for answers to their questions. Take the chance to share them on your blog or other sources. Useful and engaging content from an insider who understands their industry is most popular with readers today. In today’s Internet, when an abundance of information does not guarantee its reliability, the voice of a company that is an influencer in its topic sounds as trustworthy as possible. Thus, articles not only generate traffic but also strengthen brand credibility and recognition.

Blogging is an effective link-building tool

Maintaining a themed blog opens up a wide range of opportunities to work with internal and external links, which continue to play an important role in attracting traffic. Stable internal links that link to product pages or sections improve the customer experience, drive sales, and help promote the site in search engine rankings.

Blogging makes a brand recognizable

Blogging is one of the most effective content strategies for increasing brand awareness. Nearly 79% of business sites start blogging for this very purpose. And, as practice shows, this strategy lives up to the expectations placed on it.

A blog is a space for your stories

Today’s user loves stories, and articles are a great chance to tell them. The format of storytelling today is the best way to motivate users to take targeted actions. In other words, it turns readers into buyers. The text format can be just as intriguing as a video or audio podcast. The very structure of a blog encourages it. You have a headline that helps create intrigue; you have an internal space in which you can use not only text but also video, original graphics, etc. The interaction of different content enhances the effect of storytelling. You can talk about many things: from the strengths of your products, presented in a non-trivial way, to the guide on how to use your product or service.

Articles are useful for SEO

The articles section is an indispensable assistant in matters of search engine promotion. Its value is exceptionally high, given that quality SEO optimization is the lion’s share of the success of any online business. Every business on the Internet aims for organic leads. Conversions from search engines are the most convertible. In other words, users who come to the site from Google bring in the most revenue. Regular publication of quality content allows to get a foothold at the top of search results and form a circle of regular readers, who easily turn into buyers and loyal customers.

If you still have doubts about using articles to promote your business, let’s look at the statistics. In more than half of the cases, brands reported an increase in sales on the back of a good content marketing campaign. For 63% of respondents, blog articles and other informational material increased loyalty from existing clients; 42% effectively attracted a new loyal audience with the content. For 40% of respondents, the content policy contributed to the effective promotion of new products.

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